5-100kw brushless radial flow small hydro power generator, hot sale pico turbine generator

Model type: NYRF Radial Flow Turbine Generator;

Power: 3 - 100kW;

Voltage: Customized;

Frequency: Customized;

Water head: 5 - 150m;

Flow: 0.005 - 0.2m³/s;

Fluid: water, physical and chemical properties similar to water;Temperature: below 50℃。

Products Details

Radial flow turbine is horizontally mounted. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Pipe inlet and pipe outlet, which is easy to install;

2. Turbine and generator are separated, which is easy to maintain;

3. Turbine has 2-3 bearings; generator has 2 bearings, which is more reliable;

4.The separate oil lubrication system of turbine ensures a longer life span of bearings.

Diagrammatic drawing of radial flow turbine

Radial flow water turbine generator is composed of hydraulic turbine and generator using coupling. Hydraulic turbine is mainly composed of volute, impeller, main shaft, seal and suspension et al. As high pressure fluid is guided through inlet pipe into turbine volute, the fluid would force the impeller to rotate. Electricity is generated when the rotor rotates with respect to the stator.

The auto voltage regulator (AVR) is installed within generator to control the output voltage to rated voltage. The induction generator includes brush type induction generator and brushless type induction generator. The brush of brush type generator needs to be replaced periodically. An induction system is installed in induction generator; no exoteric trigger device is required which is easy and user friendly.ALife Solar Technology Co., Ltd.      Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat:+86 13023538686 E-mail: gavin@alifesolar.com  Building 36, Hongqiao Xinyuan, Chongchuan District, Nantong City,China www.alifesolar.com

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