Positive power tolerance of 0~+3% IEC61215(2016), IEC61730(2016) ISO9001:2015: Quality Management System ISO14001:2015: Environment Management System ISO45001:2018: Occupational health and safety management systems

Products Details

TR technology + Half Cell TR technology with Half cell aims to eliminate the cell gap to increase module efficiency (mono-facial up to 21.38%). 9BB instead of 5BB 9BB technology decreases the distance between bus bars and finger grid line which is benefit to power increase. Higher lifetime Power Yield 2% first year degradation, 0.55% linear degradation. Best Warranty 12 year product warranty, 25 year linear power warranty. Enhanced Mechanical Load Certified to withstand: wind load (2400 Pascal) and snow load (5400 Pascal). Avoid debris, cracks and broken gate risk effectively 9BB technology using circular ribbon that could avoid debris, cracks and broken gate risk effectively.
Packaging Configuration
( Two pallets = One stack )
31pcs/pallets, 62pcs/stack, 620pcs/40'HQ Container
Mechanical Characteristics
Cell Type P type Mono-crystalline
No. of cells 156(2×78)
Dimensions 2182×1029×35mm (85.91×40.51×1.38 inch)
Weight 25.0kg (55.12 lbs)
Front Glass 3.2mm,Anti-Reflection Coating, High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass
Frame Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Junction Box IP68 Rated
Output Cables TUV 1×4.0mm2 (+): 290mm , (-): 145mm or Customized Length
Module Type  ALM460M-7RL3 ALM460M-7RL3-V ALM465M-7RL3 ALM465M-7RL3-V ALM470M-7RL3 ALM470M-7RL3-V ALM475M-7RL3 ALM475M-7RL3-V ALM480M-7RL3 ALM480M-7RL3-V
Maximum Power (Pmax)  460Wp 342Wp 465Wp 346Wp 470Wp 350Wp 475Wp 353Wp 480Wp 357Wp
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) 43.08V 39.43V 43.18V 39.58V 43.28V 39.69V 43.38V 39.75V 43.48V 39.90V
Maximum Power Current (Imp)  10.68A 8.68A 10.77A 8.74A 10.86A 8.81A 10.95A 8.89A 11.04A 8.95A
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) 51.70V 48.80V 51.92V 49.01V 52.14V 49.21V 52.24V 49.31V 52.34V 49.40V
Short-circuit Current (Isc) 11.50A 9.29A 11.59A 9.36A 11.68A 9.43A 11.77A 9.51A 11.86A 9.58A
Module Efficiency STC (%) 20.49% 20.71% 20.93% 21.16% 21.38%
Operating Temperature(℃)  40℃~+85℃
Maximum System Voltage 1000/1500VDC (IEC)
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 20A
Power Tolerance 0~+3%
Temperature Coefficients of Pmax -0.35%/℃
Temperature Coefficients of Voc -0.28%/℃
Temperature Coefficients of Isc 0.048%/℃
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)  45±2℃
STC: Irradiance 1000W/m2 AM=1.5 Cell Temperature 25°C AM=1.5 NOCT: Irradiance 800W/m2 Ambient Temperature 20°C AM=1.5 Wind Speed 1m/s12 Year Product Warranty 25 Year Linear Power Warranty 0.55% Annual Degradation Over 25 years

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